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A Moment in Time - Memory Forever

It was Easter Sunday last year when my wife and I were driving along the turnpike when I spied an enormous field of daffodils. The flowers were in full bloom looking amazing and inviting. Usually I'd say something to my wife and keep driving, but on that day I took the time to pull over for a few quick photos. There was huge temptation to keep driving - we'd been stuck in holiday traffic and were ready to get home. In retrospect, I'm so glad I stopped.

The flowers were beautiful so I thought it might be fun to let the beagle lose amongst them and see where her nose led her - a Daisy among the daffodils. As it turns out this picture was the best of the bunch and probably one of my favorite photos. Daisy seemed to enjoy tromping around in the flowers and I had a great time capturing her excitement. It was a great time and a wonderful memory - even though we all had to get baths when we got home.

Less than a year later Daisy has passed. When I drafted her obituary this was the moment that I couldn't stop thinking about - the day she wandered happily amongst the flowers. For a blind beagle the smell of those flowers it must have been heaven on earth. This was just a moment in time - but a memory I will cherish forever.

Daisy passed away peacefully this week. For the last twelve years she was our constant companion and greatest joy. We were fortunate to have found her and blessed that she choose us.

She was a kind puppy whose devotion to her family was second only to her insatiable appetite and pursuit of the most comfortable place to nap. Though she could not see Daisy never suffered from blindness. She experienced life through her powerful nose and tender heart which seemed to give her an uncanny ability to not only recognize members of her "pack", but also understand their emotional state. This was her most amazing "dog trick", the ability to show and share affection whenever needed. Daisy was a little angel dressed in a fur coat who brought us a tremendous amount of happiness.

We'd like to give our belated thanks to the Animal Welfare League of Arlington for introducing us to Daisy and caring for all the local animals who need homes.

Amanda and I also wish to express our heartfelt thanks to the team at Caring Hands Animal Hospital who treated and cared for Daisy from the day we first brought her home. Jeff, Keith, Lucy, Brenda, Ann; we are grateful for the compassionate care you gave us over the years.

Many special thanks to our family, friends, and neighbors who have helped and cared for the three of us during this difficult time. Daisy loved all of you - and not just because you gave her treats.

Rest in peace sweet little beagle.

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