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The Courses

We know - it's intimidating - large body cameras with all those settings and knobs. Wanderstock Photography offers the “GetOffYourA program” to help you take your camera out of Auto Mode and show you to how use your camera’s other settings.

The Basic Course


Our Basic Course is a three-hour group session and covers a wide variety of subjects including:


- Caring for and protecting your camera

- Anatomy of your camera

- Learn the relationship between shutter speed, aperture and ISO

- Introduction to the core shooting modes

- Staging your photos to get the best light

- Artificial light and basic flash use

- Lens hoods, filters and lenses

- Choosing proper settings to get better shots

- Checking shot clarity

- Reviewing the histogram

The Advanced Course


Our Advanced Course is a three-hour group session for more experienced photographers.  Training includes in depth discussions from the basic course as well as instruction on composition and artistic considerations. Session includes a walking photo tour to apply the concepts. The workshop also covers post production and photo refinement.


- Composition and framing

- Advanced lighting

- Cropping, scaling and sizing

- Workflow and organization

- Digitally modifying exposure, enhancement, highlights and levels

- Retouch, repair, cloning

One On One Sessions


One on one session is a three-hour session covers the same topics as the basic session and additional items from the advanced course. Training is specific to your camera and progresses at your own pace. Session includes a walking photo tour to apply the concepts.

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