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Panoramic Photos

I'd never been interested in panoramic photos, but again, advancements in technology have made me reconsider my position. In the past long prints were expensive to print, costly to frame, and weathered poorly. Now photo prints to canvas are an excellent way to showcase panoramic photos. Photo canvases are both inexpensive and readily available online and through retailers. Taking panoramic photos has become significantly easier in the age of the digital camera. Even the iPhone has a panoramic mode.

Here are a few tips for panoramic photos.

- A high F-stop ensures sharpness across a wide range of depths.

- When possible keep the sun at your back.

- Use the horizon as a frame of reference for camera movement.

- Camera movement should rotated vice shifted or translated.

- Employ an aid to keep the camera steady and the exposure even.

- Take note of shadows and highlights that could darken or wash-out the photo.

- Remember to use the rule of thirds when composing.

- Photo cropping becomes limited at these lengths so understand the print sizes and shoot for effect.

Water views make excellent panoramic shots.

Coast lines are also great opportunities panoramic photos.

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