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It's Time to Get Off Your A...


Time to take your DSLR out of AUTO Mode and start exploring the features of your camera.  A large body camera with all of those knobs, settings and menus can be intimidating.  Let us help you get the full value of the investment that you've made and introduce you to your camera.  


We'll help you take your photography to the next level.  Our training is a mix of classroom and hands-on activities that will introduce you to your camera's different shooting modes.  You'll learn how to get the most from your camera and improve the creativity and quality of your shots.

If you've bought a camera that's a Stradivarius and you're tired of plucking it like a banjo, then you're in the right place.

Explore Your Camera

So many buttons, knobs, settings, menus and attachments... Instruction books can help, but the interaction is one sided. We give you the opportunity to learn and explore your camera's features and get immediate feedback via our instructor and fellow students/enthusiasts alike. We deliver training and foster a creative exchange and offer guidance on general use as well as tips on how to capture images in specific settings. Allow us to introduce you to your camera.

Get Better Results

Capturing great shots means being ready to rapidly adjust to your shooting environment. Auto mode on modern cameras does a magnificent job of metering light to capture a general scene, but you want to capture photos as you see and experience them. Subjects move, fly, fade and these glimpses in time are never repeated. By learning how to use your camera you'll increase the odds in your favor and learn how to tune your settings to get the results you want.

"Get Off Your A" and Wanderstock Photography

The "Get Off Your A" program was created by Wanderstock Photography. Wanderstock is a photography business based in Arlington, Virginia. The Wanderstock portfolio is available for purchase as stock photos for magazines, websites, advertisement or presentation material. To learn more visit:

Enhance Your Creativity

Photography is the art and science of capturing light in a physical medium. What better way to express yourself creativity than to artistically capture the unique scenes of life through your lens?


Wanderstock is pleased to help you "test drive" the vehicle that will take you on a creative journey. We'll help you learn to use your equipment and so that you can begin to explore photography with confidence.

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